Expert Witness

Professor Robin Callender Smith is an expert in the practical aspects of commercial and individual privacy, data protection and the protection of confidential information.

He is available as an expert in the following fields and sectors:

  • Consumer energy regulation
  • Data protection regulation
  • Financial services regulation and the application of professional standards expected of FCA-authorised key corporate individuals
  • Freedom of information issues
  • Higher education
  • Human rights issues relating to fair trial and open justice, privacy and freedom of expression and speech
  • Insurance, particularly insurance-related investment products
  • Judicial matters
  • Media regulation, editorial and journalistic practice
  • Telecommunications, particularly in the premium rate telephony sector where payment is made by charges to telephone bills and accounts

His working life began – before becoming a lawyer and a Judge – with four years as a journalist working for daily, evening and national newspapers. He developed a keen appreciation of court proceedings as seen through the eyes of reporters and editors working within tight production deadlines.

From his work as a Deputy Chair of the Regulatory Decisions Committee of the Financial Conduct Authority and as a legal Chair of the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime he has concluded high-level professional disciplinary hearings and sanctions. He was a Deputy District Judge (Crime) for six years and a legal Chair of the Ofcom-appointed Phonepaid Services Authority’s Code Adjudication Panel, dealing with the regulation of premium rate phone-paid services in the UK.

He has 10 years’ experience as an Information Rights Judge, dealing with data protection, environmental information and freedom of information appeals against decisions of the Information Commissioner. This practical, judicial experience is supplemented – at the other end of the information spectrum - by over 40 years’ experience defending the rights of freedom of speech and expression as a national tabloid media law barrister.

He is author of Celebrity and Royal Privacy, The Media and the Law, published by Sweet & Maxwell. He is a co-author of the data protection and privacy practitioners’ bible The Encyclopaedia of Data Protection and Privacy published three times a year by Sweet & Maxwell.

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