Proceedings between parties involved in arbitration, mediation and adjudication are, almost without exception, private and confidential.

For these reasons it is not possible to give examples of Professor Robin Callender Smith’s work as a decision-maker in such proceedings.

However, from the nearly 200 data protection and freedom of information judgments he made during 10 years between 2008 – 2018, the six highlighted and hyperlinked determinations below are representative examples of his approach to reasoned and proportionate decision-making.

Loyalist bombing of McGurk’s Bar, Belfast, in December 1971

Ciaran Arthurs v Information Commissioner, TNA and Ministry of Defence

[2017] UKFTT 2016_0060 (GRC)

Deaths in Home Office/Immigration custody

Medical Justice v Home Office and Information Commissioner

[2016] UKFTT 2015_0188 (GRC)

Intercept evidence in UK criminal and civil proceedings

Bingham Centre for Rule of Law v Information Commissioner

[2015] UKFTT 2014_0097 (GRC)

Vans of Hate”, anti-immigrant Home Office Operation Vaken

Home Office v Information Commissioner

[2015] UKFTT 2014_0310 (GRC)

Bomb threat “Tweet” that shut down airport

Ganesh Sittampalam v Information Commissioner and CPS


Scottish Devolution, Territorial Waters and Fisheries

The Scotland Office (Stage 2) v Information Commissioner

[2009] UKIT EA_2007_0070

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